The Alburgh Family Clubhouse is a non-profit childcare enrichment and family network center
adjacent to the Alburgh Community Education Center, hoping to open in Spring 2021 or Fall 2022.


The Alburgh Family Clubhouse addresses the urgent need for local childcare, including infant, toddler, pre-school, and after-school programs. The Clubhouse will also help advance educational achievement among under performing students, as well as provide the community with a variety of valuable parenting resources and support.


Throughout Vermont, and particularly in rural areas such as Alburgh in Grand Isle County, there are not enough childcare providers to meet the needs of working families. There is also a lack of related and vital family support services including, early learning programs, playgroups, parenting education, and parent support. Affordable child care benefits parents by allowing them to stay in the workforce, directly impacting our economy, and children in high-quality early learning environments have better educational, developmental,and health outcomes than their peers without similar access. The bottom line is, quality childcare is a critical component in helping our most vulnerable children get a good start in life.


 The Alburgh Family Clubhouse, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation and to date, we have secured about $750,000 in Federal grants. With about 75% of funding in place, we are exploring additional State funding opportunities, and we welcome donations from citizens, businesses, and philanthropic organizations. Our goal is to be up-and-running by Fall 2021, and no later than Spring 2022.


The Clubhouse started as a grassroots community effort, and thanks to the hard and good work
of the “Alburgh Promise Community Steering Committee,” has evolved into an action-oriented
collaboration among:

  • Alburgh Community Education Center
  • Alburgh Public Library
  • Alburgh Schoolboard
  • Alburgh Selectboard
  • Grand Isle Supervisory Union
  • Northwest Regional Planning Commission
  • Town & Village of Alburgh
  • United Way of Northwest Vermont
  • Dozens of citizens of all ages, backgrounds, and expertise

Management & Staff

The Clubhouse is currently researching and pursuing provider recruitment options.


Chloe Viner-Collins


Gina Lewis


Terry Tatro

Treasurer 2020

Lisa McCrillis


Cheryl Wells

Board Member

Martin Giuffre

Board Member

Megan Ballentine

 Board Member

Trevor Creller

School Liaison

Ken Millman

Selectboad Liason